Thoovi - Premium Watercolours - 15 ml tubes - Series 2

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Colour: Cadmium Yellow

Cadmium Yellow
Bright Orange
Permanent Yellow Orange
Scarlet Lake
Bright Rose
Cobalt Blue
Bright Blue
Phthalo Blue
Ultramarine Deep
Cobalt Green
Permanent Green
Viridian Hue
Hooker's Green
Shadow Green
Payne's grey
Perylene Maroon
Burnt Sienna
Permanent Brown
Vandyke brown
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Colour: Cadmium Yellow, Bright Orange, Permanent Yellow Orange, Scarlet Lake, Bright Rose, Purple, Lavender, Lilac, Cobalt Blue, Bright Blue, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Deep, Cobalt Green, Permanent Green, Viridian Hue, Hooker's Green, Shadow Green, Indigo, Payne's grey, Perylene Maroon, Burnt Sienna, Permanent Brown, Vandyke brown
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  • Watercolour (also called aquarelle) is a painting method where paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution.

  • Watercolour paint consists of four main properties - watercolour pigment, gum arabic (binder to hold the pigment), honey and preservatives.

  • The paints are diluted using water and the tonal values will vary from dark to light depending on the water mixed with the paint.

  • Watercolours are known for their transparency and appear more vivid than acrylics or oils because the pigments in watercolours are in a purer form. 

  • It also comes in handy for Plein-air artists who love painting outdoors. 

  • Watercolour works well with other mediums like coloured pencils and inks to create mixed media composition. 

  • Watercolours are heavily water-based, as soon as two set colours touch, they begin to bleed into each other, which makes the blending process easy. 

  • It also gives a translucent finish.




  • Each tube contains 15 ml paints, which are highly pigmented and vibrant.
  • Artist grade watercolours, known for its transparency and vibrancy.
  • These watercolours can be used by both professional and beginner artists who love to explore the art.
  • It gives endless colour possibilities when intermixed.
  • The colours are highly pigmented, highly vibrant, highly solvent and supreme lightfastness.
  • These watercolours are made of non-toxic additives.
  • Watercolour tubes contain more glycerine binder than pans. This makes them soft and creamy, which makes them easier to mix with water.
  • Tubes are perfect if you want to paint large areas. Little paint from the tubes comes a long way.
  • If you squeeze out more paints onto the palette, you no longer need to clean the palette. You can easily reactivate them with water whenever you paint.
  • You can also use Watercolour tubes to refill the pans.
  • These colours, when mixed with white, give lovely pastel shades.



    Colours Pigment Info SKU LIST
    Cadmium Yellow PY35 THWC101IT
    Bright Orange PO73,PO62 THWC151IT
    Permanent Yellow Orange PY74,PY83,PO73 THWC152IT
    Scarlet Lake PO73,PR254,PV19 THWC201IT
    Bright Rose BV11,AB83 THWC210IT
    Purple PB29,PR122,PBR25 THWC252IT
    Lavender PV15,PB29,PW6 THWC259IT
    Lilac PR122,PV23,PW6 THWC258IT
    Cobalt Blue PB28 THWC303IT
    Bright Blue PB15 THWC305IT
    Phthalo Blue PB15 THWC314IT
    Ultramarine Deep PB29 THWC307IT
    Cobalt Green PG18,PB28,PW6 THWC362IT
    Permanent Green PY74,PY53,PG7 THWC355IT
    Viridian Hue PG7 THWC357IT
    Hooker's Green PG7,PY110,PY150 THWC356IT
    Shadow Green PBK31 THWC367IT
    Indigo PB15,PBK6,PR122 THWC401IT
    Payne's grey PBK6,PB15,PR122 THWC402IT
    Perylene Maroon PR179 THWC404IT
    Burnt Sienna PBr7 THWC406IT
    Permanent Brown PBR15 THWC407IT
    Vandyke brown NBR8 THWC408IT




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    • These tubes are also available as sets of 12 x 15 ML or 5 x 15 ML (you can check the category - Watercolour Tubes sets for more information).