HIMI - Spiral Gouache Pad - 8.5 x 8.5'- 160 GSM

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Color: Pink

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Color: Pink, Green
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HIMI-Spiral Gouache Pad - 8.5 x 8.5'- 160 GSM



  • Himi Miya is a brand of art supplies that is known for its high-quality gouache paints, acrylic paints and watercolor paints. The company is based in China and was founded in 2018.
  • Himi Miya paints are made with high-quality pigments and binders. They are non-toxic and water-soluble, making them safe for use by artists of all ages. The paints are also lightfast, meaning that they will not fade over time.



  • Gouache paint is similar to watercolour, but it is opaque & a versatile medium. It is often described as an “opaque watercolour”. 
  • Gouache is made up of natural pigment, water and a binding agent (like gum Arabic or dextrin). 
  • Gouache can also be used as ‘watercolours’ if diluted with water but will not look very vibrant.
  • Gouache when mixed with a little and the right amount of water gives a very vibrant, rich and opaque finish to the final painting.
  • Gouache is thick and dries quickly. However, even if the paint dries, it is easier to re-wet the paint, unlike acrylics, by just spraying or adding little drops of water.
  • When gouache dries it gives a matte finish. It is non-shiny and non-reflective. 
  • The main advantage of gouache is that it can be layered and reworked, unlike watercolours. 
  • If there is a small mistake in the painting, it will be very difficult to correct when using watercolours because of its transparent nature.
  • However, Gouache, when it dries, becomes opaque and hence it is easier to correct mistakes in gouache paintings as you can layer a darker colour over a lighter colour and vice-versa when using gouache.
  • The base layer needs to be dry before you apply the next layer of paint.
  • Gouache, being a versatile medium, works well on any watercolour paper with a fine texture, drawing papers (140 GSM & above), stretched canvas, MDF board, cardboard, wood & toned colour paper.



  • HIMI-Spiral Gouache Pad - 8.5 x 8.5'- 160 GSM is a high-quality paper pad designed specifically for artists who use gouache paint. 
  • Contains 50 pages & is acid free. Available in 2 covers - Pink & Green
  • The upper & lower parts of the pad are glued together & the paper in the middle part is separated. This is done mainly to avoid curling during painting which is one of the key features of this gouache pad. 
  • This also ensure there are no wrinkles on the paper while painting
  • After the painting is completed, you can use a palette knife or scraper to tear out the paper & move to the next page
  • With 160 GSM & smooth surface, this pad is ideal for gouache paintings, illustrations, pen & ink art, mandalas, pastels, light watercolours washes and also for simple acrylic paintings.
  • The paper will bend slightly while wet paint is applied. It will retail back to its original shape once the paper is dry.