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Camlin - Camel - Heavy Body Acrylic Tube - Raw Umber - 40ML-S2 - 2715367

Camlin - Camel - Heavy Body Acrylic Tube - Raw Umber - 40ML-S2 - 2715367

Size: 40ml-S2

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Product details

A high-quality paint tube made of acrylic for easy painting and drying. This acrylic paint can be used on most surfaces. It has a fluid consistency and a matte finish. This is a fantastic product for those who are looking for a tube that is strong, yet lightweight. This heavy-body acrylic tube is a professional-grade tube that is ideal for many different art and craft projects.



  • Camel's Heavy Body Acrylic Colours are professional range of acrylic colours. 
  • These colours come with higher viscosity and superior pigment concentration, which makes them richer and more vibrant. 
  • They have a thick buttery texture which prevents them from cracking and helps retain brush strokes, a brilliant surface drag which allows smooth blending of colours. 
  • These colours are perfect for the 'Impasto' technique!

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