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Camlin - Camel - Canvas Board

Camlin - Camel - Canvas Board

Size: 20 x 20cm

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Product details

Camel-plastic canvas is a very strong, flexible, and light material that is a perfect option for creating a one-of-a-kind work of art. This canvas board is a great way to get your next painting project started. You can use it as a sketch board, drawing surface, workstation, or tri-fold board. The board is made of high-quality canvas and can be rolled up for easy storage.



  • The quality of the canvas is as important as the quality of colours in a painting. 
  • Using specially produced quality cotton and poly–cotton fabrics, they are coated with a resin emulsion to prevent the absorption of colors. 
  • Camel canvases are available on hard boards or stretched on wooden frames.

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