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Camlin - Camel - Artist Oil Pastels Set - 25 shades - 442654

Camlin - Camel - Artist Oil Pastels Set - 25 shades - 442654

Size: 25 shades

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Product details

Artist oil pastels are an economical and convenient way to add color to any project. They are perfect for watercolor painting, drawing, penciling, airbrushing, stippling, finger painting, and so much more!  great set of oil pastels, in various shades, to help you achieve any color.



  • Camel Supreme Oil Pastels are made from vibrant high-quality pigment & are of superior grade. 
  • The thick, heavy body enables easy handling and has a solid substantial feel. 
  • They are great for large freehand work, brilliant colored pastels apply smoothly and blend easily for subtle shades, tints, and color mixtures

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