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Camlin - Camel - Artist Brush Pen Set - 12 colours - 519273

Camlin - Camel - Artist Brush Pen Set - 12 colours - 519273

Size: 12 colours

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Product details

An artist's brush pen set with twelve colours is perfect for painting and drawing with a variety of mediums. This set is perfect for artists, crafters, and children, as well as for any use that requires multiple shades of colour.  They come with a convenient carry case that makes it easy to keep them organized and make sure you don't lose any pens.



  • These are innovative and premium quality brush tip pens. 
  • Brush pens give a translucent watercolor effect with the ease of a pen- students can now create beautiful water colour without the inconvenience of using of water, palette, brush, and colour. 
  • These pens have a flexible brush tip which gives fine, medium, and bold strokes.

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