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Camlin - Camel - Acrylic Retarder Medium Bottle - 100ML - 523921

Camlin - Camel - Acrylic Retarder Medium Bottle - 100ML - 523921

Size: 100ml

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Product details

  • Camel Acrylic Retarder has been created to help retard the drying time of the paint while painting allowing artists to continue working on their masterpieces for much longer periods. 
  • It does not change the consistency or the texture of colour and helps increases transparency as well. This, in turn, gives artists the added ability to work on a wet-on-wet technique. 
  • Acrylic Retarder increases the drying time of Acrylic colours 
  • A thick gel medium 
  • Retards drying speed and gives more open time to the artists to work longer 
  • Enables the artists to paint using a wet-in-wet technique 
  • Helps the artist to render delicate mixing required for nature studies and portraits 
  • Easy to use, carry and store with a long shelf life 
  • Safe and non-toxic 

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