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Camlin - Camel - Acrylic Gel Medium Bottle - 100ML - 523920

Camlin - Camel - Acrylic Gel Medium Bottle - 100ML - 523920

Size: 100ml

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Product details

This professional acrylic gel medium is ideal for all art, craft, and printmaking applications. It dries to a firm, hard finish that can be used with acrylic paints, inks, and other mediums. This high quality acrylic gel medium is suitable for all types of watercolours, including thin washes, watercolour pencils, and oil pastels. It is a colourless transparent medium, which dries quickly and leaves a brilliant shine.



  • A translucent paste for impasto, glazing, and texturing. 
  • Dries quickly to a water-resistant finish. 
  • Increases transparency and gloss.

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