Baohong - Academy Watercolour Paper - Rough Grain - Gummed Blocks - 300 GSM

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Baohong - Academy Watercolour Paper- Rough - Gummed Blocks- 300 GSM


About the Brand- Baohong:


  • Baohong is a brand of watercolour paper that is made in China.

  • They are known for their high quality and affordable price. 

  • Baohong paper is made from 100% cotton, and is gelatin sized to the core. 

  • This means that the paper is evenly sized throughout, which makes it very resistant to buckling and warping. 

  • Baohong paper also has a natural white color, which is not too bright or too yellow.

  • Baohong watercolour papers are available in a variety of weights and textures, so you can find the perfect paper for your needs



  • Watercolour paper is made up of wood pulp exclusively or mixed with cotton fibers. 

  • Watercolour paper is usually made by any of these processes :  handmade, mold-made, machine-made. 

  • Watercolour papers made with cotton fibers are more suitable for achieving the Watercolour techniques. They are made with cotton fibers ranging from 25% to 100%. 

  • The texture of the paper matters based on painting style and an artist’s personal preference.


 Here’s the three types of paper, 


Hot-pressed paper : 


  • Hot pressed paper is a type of watercolour paper that has been pressed at high pressure between smooth, heated rollers. 

  • This process results in a smooth, even surface with very little tooth. 

  • Hot pressed paper is often used for watercolor paintings that require a lot of detail, as the smooth surface allows for precise brushwork


 Cold-pressed paper: 


  • Cold pressed paper is a type of watercolour paper that has been pressed between cold metal plates. 

  • This gives the paper a slightly textured surface that is ideal for watercolour painting. 

  • Cold pressed paper is also more absorbent than hot pressed paper, which makes it better for creating washes of color.

  • Some paper brands refer to a Cold pressed paper  as “CP(Not)" which stands for "cold press, not hot pressed." 

  • This means that CP(Not) paper is not as smooth as hot pressed paper, but it is also not as rough as rough grain paper.


Rough texture paper:


  • Rough grain watercolour paper is a type of watercolour paper that has a textured surface. 

  • The texture is created by the paper fibers being raised during the manufacturing process. 

  • Rough grain paper is often used for watercolour paintings that require a lot of movement and expression, as the texture allows the paint to flow and blend more easily.


Importance of Watercolour paper:


  •  The quality of paper is very important when it comes to painting. The right surface can greatly enhance the appearance of the artwork.

  •  Using the right paper for watercolour paintings enables the artist to get the desired effects & techniques. 

  •   Watercolour papers ranging in 200gsm or 250gsm are ideal for light watercolour washes whereas watercolour paper above 300gsm is suitable for heavy washes.

  •   A 300 GSM, 100% cotton Watercolour paper is preferred by many artists to get the desired Watercolour techniques and these papers will not buckle up even after applying many layers of washes/paints.

  •  These papers can also be used for other mediums like acrylics, gouache, color pencils, pastels, oil colors and charcoal art.



  • Size : 210 x 150 mm

  • Type : Rough Grain , Gummed Blocks 

  • No of sheets: 20 Sheets

  • GSM & type: 300  GSM, 100% cotton

  • Acid free, good for archival