Anupam - Easel Wooden Tripods

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Size: 6"

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Size: 4", 6", 8", 10", 12"
Vendor: Anupam
Type: Easels
SKU: THAP329338
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Anupam - Easel Wooden Tripods in Different Sizes


About the Brand- Anupam:


  • Anupam is an Indian brand ,specializing in papers & sketchbooks.

  • They have a wide variety of papers, canvas, sketchbooks, journals for every medium namely watercolours, gouache, acrylics, oils ,drawing, pencil sketches, pastels etc.

  • All their products are very affordable and suitable for beginner & professional artists


An easel is a stand that is used to support a canvas, drawing board, or other work surface. Easels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.




Anupam Easel Wooden Tripods are a versatile and durable option for artists who need a reliable easel for their work. These easels come in different sizes and are made with high-quality wood that is both sturdy and elegant.


The wooden tripod design provides a stable base for your canvas, ensuring that it stays securely in place while you work. This makes Anupam Easel Wooden Tripods ideal for artists who need to work on larger canvases or who want to work with more delicate materials.


Anupam Easel Wooden Tripods come in different sizes to accommodate a wide range of canvas sizes. The smaller sizes are perfect for tabletop use or for artists who prefer to work on smaller canvases. The larger sizes are great for studio use or for artists who need to work on larger canvases.


The adjustable design of Anupam Easel Wooden Tripods allows you to adjust the angle of your canvas to suit your needs. This makes it easy to work with different materials and techniques, such as painting or drawing.


The elegant wooden design of Anupam Easel Wooden Tripods adds a touch of sophistication to any studio or workspace. The wood is finished with a smooth, polished surface that not only looks great but is also easy to clean and maintain.


Anupam Easel Wooden Tripods are also lightweight and easy to transport, making them a great choice for artists who need to work on location or who need to move their easel between different workspaces.


Overall, Anupam Easel Wooden Tripods are a high-quality and versatile option for artists who need a reliable and elegant easel for their work. With their sturdy construction, adjustable design, and elegant wood finish.




  • Size :  4” , 6” , 8” , 10”, 12”

  • Type :  Easel Wooden Tripods

  • Surface: Smooth Texture

  • Acid free, good for archival