Anupam - Art Boards - 10 inches

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Shape: Hexagon

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Shape: Hexagon, Oval, Triangle
Vendor: Anupam
Type: Canvas
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About the Brand- Anupam:


  • Anupam is an Indian brand ,specializing in papers & sketchbooks.

  • They have a wide variety of papers, canvas, sketchbooks, journals for every medium namely watercolours, gouache, acrylics, oils ,drawing, pencil sketches, pastels etc.

  • All their products are very affordable and suitable for beginner & professional artists


About Canvas:


  • Canvas is a heavy-duty woven cloth that is used for painting.

  •  It is typically made of linen or cotton, and it is available in a variety of sizes and weights. 

  • Canvas is a popular choice for painting because it is durable, absorbent, and can be stretched over a frame.


  • Here are some of the benefits of using canvas for painting:


    • Durability: Canvas is a durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of painting.

    • Absorbency: Canvas is an absorbent material that allows the paint to soak in and create a smooth, even finish.

    • Stretchability: Canvas can be stretched over a frame, which gives the painting a taut, professional appearance.

    • Versatility: Canvas can be used with a variety of painting mediums, including acrylics, oils, and gouache/ watercolors.

  • It is perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike.


Here are some tips for painting on canvas:


  • Prepare the canvas: Before you start painting, it is important to prepare the canvas. This can be done by sanding the surface lightly and then applying a coat of gesso.

  • Use the right brushes: When painting on canvas, it is important to use the right brushes. A flat brush is a good choice for blending colors, while a round brush is a good choice for creating details.

  • Thin your paints: When using acrylics or oils, it is important to thin your paints. This can be done by adding a small amount of water or paint thinner to the paint.

  • Build up layers: When painting on canvas, it is important to build up layers of paint. This will help to create depth and dimension in your painting.




  • Anupam art boards are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

  • This product comes in 10 inches in shapes- Hexagon, Oval & Triangle

  • These art boards are perfect for artists of all levels and ages who want to create beautiful and unique pieces of art.

  • All Anupam Art Boards are made from high-quality materials that ensure your artworks last for years to come. 

  • They are perfect for artists who want to experiment with new techniques and styles or for those who simply want to create something beautiful.

  • If you’re looking for a unique and high-quality art board, look no further than Anupam Art Boards.