Miya Frosted Palette - Plastic - Different sizes

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Shape: Circle


Size: 360 x 360 mm

360 x 360 mm
310 x 440 mm
260 x 375 mm
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Shape: Circle, Rectangle
Size: 360 x 360 mm, 310 x 440 mm, 260 x 375 mm
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Miya Frosted Palette - Plastic - Multi sizes


About the brand himi-miya


  • Himi Miya is a brand of art supplies that is known for its high-quality gouache paints,  acrylic paints and watercolor paints. The company is based in China and was founded in 2018.
  • Himi Miya paints are made with high-quality pigments and binders. They are non-toxic and water-soluble, making them safe for use by artists of all ages. The paints are also lightfast, meaning that they will not fade over time.


What's Miya Frosted Palette


  • The MIYA Frosted Palette is a popular tool used by artists to hold and mix their paints. It is designed with a frosted surface that allows for easy mixing and cleaning of paints,.
  • It's Lightweight & the frosted surface of the palette is made of high-quality acrylic, which provides a durable and long-lasting surface for mixing paints. 
  • The surface is easy to clean and can be wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge after use.
  • Ideal for acrylics, oils & watercolours
  • Available in : 
    • 360 x 360 mm (Round)
    • 260 x 375 mm (Small Rectangle)
    • 310 x 440 mm (Big Rectangle)