Karin - BrushMarker Pro - Different Shades

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Shades: Sepia 074

Sepia 074
Magenta Red 170
Magenta 359
Praline 385
Black 030
Burgundy 075
Fire Red 092
Rose Pink 168
Lipstick Red 181
Sapphire Blue 189
Cool Aqua 204
Red 209
Royal Blue 045
Lime Green 071
Cyan 207
Red Lilac 358
Cerise 375
Ochre 552
Sky Blue 621
Violet Blue 688
Orange Red 051
Canary 166
Indigo Blue 169
Blush 172
Sandstone 174
Cinnamon 199
Almond 216
Pale Pink 220
Henna 105
Plum 197
Amber 195
Arctic Blue 264
Sulphur Yellow 269
Rose wood 272
Olive Green 281
Gold 283
Curry 297
Apple 210
Cocoa 213
Copper Brown 282
Ocean Teal 377
Olive Black 447
Lilac 226
Pale Violet 247
Pale Orange 357
Turquoise 654
Lush Green 228
Grass 253
Egyptian Blue 305
Neutral Grey 3.131
Neutral Grey 2.132
Neutral Grey 1.133
Cool Grey 3.158
Cool Grey 2.159
Cool Grey 1.160
Soft Peach 1.200
Soft Peach 2.201
Warm Grey 3.276
Warm Grey 2.277
Warm Grey 1.278
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Shades: Sepia 074, Magenta Red 170, Magenta 359, Praline 385, Black 030, Burgundy 075, Fire Red 092, Rose Pink 168, Lipstick Red 181, Sapphire Blue 189, Cool Aqua 204, Red 209, Royal Blue 045, Lime Green 071, Cyan 207, Red Lilac 358, Cerise 375, Ochre 552, Sky Blue 621, Violet Blue 688, Orange Red 051, Canary 166, Indigo Blue 169, Blush 172, Sandstone 174, Cinnamon 199, Almond 216, Pale Pink 220, Henna 105, Plum 197, Amber 195, Arctic Blue 264, Sulphur Yellow 269, Rose wood 272, Olive Green 281, Gold 283, Curry 297, Apple 210, Cocoa 213, Copper Brown 282, Ocean Teal 377, Olive Black 447, Lilac 226, Pale Violet 247, Pale Orange 357, Turquoise 654, Lush Green 228, Grass 253, Egyptian Blue 305, Neutral Grey 3.131, Neutral Grey 2.132, Neutral Grey 1.133, Cool Grey 3.158, Cool Grey 2.159, Cool Grey 1.160, Soft Peach 1.200, Soft Peach 2.201, Warm Grey 3.276, Warm Grey 2.277, Warm Grey 1.278, Blender
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Karin - BrushMarker Pro - Different Shades


About the brand Karin:


Karin markers are a brand of professional-grade markers made in Poland.

They are known for their high quality, vibrant colors, and smooth application.

Karin markers come in a variety of types which can allow you to choose the right one for your project.

They are also water-based, so they are easy to blend and layer.

Check out this category for the products available from Karin 



About Watercolour Brush Markers:


Watercolor brush markers are markers that have a brush tip on one end. 


The brush tip is made of nylon bristles that are soft and flexible, allowing you to create a variety of strokes, from thin to thick. 


The ink in watercolor brush markers is water-based, so you can blend the colors together by adding water with a brush or a water brush pen. 


This allows you to create watercolor-like effects with your markers. 


Watercolor brush markers are a versatile art tool that can be used for a variety of projects, including:














Card making


Mixed media art




They are a good choice for both beginners and experienced artists, as they are easy to use and produce professional results.



About Karin Brush Markers Pro - Different Shades:



The Karin Brushmarker Pro is a comprehensive set of 60 water-based brush markers pro that includes a variety of colors.


Also contains 1 additional blender.


The markers are made with a high-quality dye-based ink that is non-toxic and lightfast. 


The ink is also water-soluble, so you can blend the colors together to create new shades. 


Additional information:


Also available as individual colours in 60 shades.




It is recommended to keep the brush marker in a vertical position for a better ink flow and not allow them to rest horizontally.