HIMI - Rhombus Solid Watercolour Paint Set - 12 Colours

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Color: Yellow

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Color: Yellow, Green
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HIMI - Rhombus Solid Watercolour Paint Set - 12 Colours



  • Himi Miya is a brand of art supplies that is known for its high-quality gouache paints, acrylic paints and watercolor paints. The company is based in China and was founded in 2018.
  • Himi Miya paints are made with high-quality pigments and binders. They are non-toxic and water-soluble, making them safe for use by artists of all ages. The paints are also lightfast, meaning that they will not fade over time.



  • Watercolour (also called aquarelle) is a painting method where paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution.
  • Watercolour paint consists of four main properties - watercolour pigment, gum Arabic (binder to hold the pigment), honey and preservatives.
  • The paints are diluted using water and the tonal values will vary from dark to light depending on the water mixed with the paint.
  • Watercolours are known for their transparency and appear more vivid than acrylics or oils because the pigments in watercolours are in a purer form. 
  • It also comes in handy for Plein-air artists who love painting outdoors. 
  • Watercolour works well with other mediums like coloured pencils and inks to create mixed media composition. 
  • Watercolours are heavily water-based, as soon as two set colours touch, they begin to bleed into each other, which makes the blending process easy. 
  • It also gives a translucent finish.



  • Solid watercolours, also known as pan watercolours or watercolour pans, are a popular and versatile medium in the world of visual arts.
  • These watercolours come in small, solid form within a shallow container, resembling a small cake or tablet.
  • The pigments are concentrated and pressed into these pans, providing artists with a convenient and portable way to use watercolors.
  • To use solid watercolours, artists wet a brush and pick up pigment directly from the pan, activating the colours with water on a palette or directly on the painting surface.
  • Solid watercolors are known for their vibrant and transparent qualities, allowing for layering and creating a wide range of tones.
  • The compact and lightweight nature of solid watercolors makes them ideal for outdoor and on-the-go painting.
  • Artists appreciate their convenience, as they can easily be carried in a travel kit, enabling spontaneous creativity wherever inspiration strikes.
  • Solid watercolors are commonly used in various techniques, including wet-on-wet, dry brushing, and glazing, providing artists with the flexibility to achieve different textures and effects in their artworks.



  • The HIMI-Rhombus Solid Watercolour Paint set offers a vibrant set of 12 colours.
  • Compact and portable, the set features solid watercolors in small pans, allowing for convenient on-the-go painting.
  • The pigments are vibrant and transparent, offering versatility in achieving different artistic effects.
  • Ideal for both beginners and experienced artists, this set is a convenient and lightweight option for spontaneous and creative endeavours.
  • This product includes:
    1. One Round Brush
    2. One Pencil
    3. One Swatch card
  • This product also has 2 Colour Variations
    1. Green
    2. Yellow