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Anupam - Handmade Watercolour Loose Sheets - 250 GSM

Anupam - Handmade Watercolour Loose Sheets - 250 GSM

Size: A5

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Product details

These are handmade, thick, and made with 100% cotton and are meant to be used in watercolours. The sheets are both light and soft to the touch and are highly absorbent. These sheets are ideal for artists, painters, photographers, and other creative individuals who want to paint with watercolours. The beauty of these products is that they are handmade and unique.


Product Features:

  • Anupam- Handmade Watercolour Loose Sheets - 250 GSM-10 sheets.
  • Available in sizes: 
    • A4 (10 sheets)
    • A5 (20 sheets)
  • Made from 100% cotton rag
  • Long lasting, smudge free
  • Unique textured papers

Note: Outer cover design can vary depending on the availability

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