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Watercolour Brush Markers


About Watercolour Brush Markers:

  • Watercolor brush markers are markers that have a brush tip on one end. 

  • The brush tip is made of nylon bristles that are soft and flexible, allowing you to create a variety of strokes, from thin to thick. 

  • The ink in watercolor brush markers is water-based, so you can blend the colors together by adding water with a brush or a water brush pen. 

  • This allows you to create watercolor-like effects with your markers. 

  • Watercolor brush markers are a versatile art tool that can be used for a variety of projects, including:

    • Drawing

    • Painting

    • Calligraphy

    • Lettering

    • Colouring

    • Scrapbooking

    • Card making

    • Mixed media art

They are a good choice for both beginners and experienced artists, as they are easy to use and produce professional results.

Benefits of using watercolor brush markers:

Versatile: Can be used for a variety of projects

Easy to use: The brush tip makes it easy to create a variety of strokes

Water-based ink: Allows you to blend colors and create watercolor-like effects

Non-toxic and odorless: Safe for use by children and adults

Affordable: Available in a variety of price points