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Art Masking Fluid


  • Masking fluid is a specifically formulated artist’s medium made with latex. 
  • This is used to preserve white space in your paintings. 
  • Art masking fluid helps artist produce highlights in the painting and negative space & also for preserving details and creating textures like waves, hair highlights etc.


  • Masking fluid comes in both bottled and marker form.
  • It works well on paper which has a smooth texture or fine texture, preferably watercolour paper.
  • Let the masking fluid dry completely before you start painting over it.
  • The ideal consistency is a creamy and fluid substance that flows seamlessly.
  • Masking fluid can damage the bristles of a brush. Hence, it's better to use an old brush to apply masking fluid. Rinse the brush with soap water once done. 
  • You can use an eraser or finger to remove the mask. 
  • Masking fluid works well with both watercolour and gouache.
  • Before using masking fluid, stir the fluid thoroughly. Do not shake because it will create air bubbles in it.
  • Removing the masking fluid quickly once the paper is dry will lessen the risk of tearing the paper.