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Himi Acrylic Paint Bottle Set - 60 ml

Himi Acrylic Paint Bottle Set - 60 ml

Size: 60ml x 12 colours

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Product details

HIMI Acrylic Paint Bottle Set - 60 ml 

  • Available in sets of 12 and  24 colours
  • HIMI Acrylic paints are the perfect choice for artists who want to elevate their artwork to the next level. 
  • Our high-quality, water-based paints are made from premium materials that provide a smooth, consistent finish every time.
  • One of the standout features of HIMI Acrylic paints is their versatility, our paints can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including canvas, paper, wood, metal, and more. 
  • They can also be mixed with other mediums to create unique textures and effects, making them ideal for a variety of art projects.
  • In addition to their versatility, HIMI Acrylic paints are also highly pigmented, ensuring that your colours will be vibrant and long-lasting. 
  • Our paints are also fast-drying, allowing you to layer colours and work quickly to achieve your desired effects.
  • Whether you're a beginner or a professional artist, HIMI Acrylic paints are the perfect choice for your next project. 
  • With a wide range of colours and the ability to mix and match, you'll be able to create stunning works of art that showcase your unique style and creativity.
  • HIMI Acrylic paints are an excellent choice for artists who want high-quality, versatile paints that are easy to work with and produce stunning results. 


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