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HIMI - Acrylic Paint - 12 ml tubes

HIMI - Acrylic Paint - 12 ml tubes

Size: 12ml x 12 colours

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Product details

HIMI Acrylic Paint is a water-based acrylic paint for artists, with a thick and rich consistency, ideal for use with a brush. The paint is perfect for painting, but can also be used to decorate many other surfaces. These paint tubes are perfect for kids who need a little more control than a typical brush can offer. The paint is easy to use and provides a nice, smooth, even finish.



  • HIMI - Acrylic Tubeset - 12 ml tubes 

• Available in 12 & 18 colour sets 

• Can be used to paint on all conventional art surfaces 

• Can be used on their own or mixed with a thinner for a smoother finish and finer details 

• For a more professional result use gesso primer. Includes numerous colors to create a vast color spectrum

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