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Our highly pigmented and vibrant paints are specially crafted to enhance your creative journey.

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Testimonials shared by artists about our products

Thoovi Watercolours

I have been using thoovi water colour since last year , there watercolours are very convenient to use , light weight, very pigmented , giving us a smooth texture , travel friendly and also value for money. 

Thoovi watercolor paints allow you to create emotive, vibrant artwork with rich colours and sensuous wash effect . 

Arpita Sahoo (@lost_in_a_rainbow)

HIMI Acrylic Paints

As an artist immersed in the world of creativity, my journey with 'Thoovi Arts' has been nothing short of inspiring.

For almost 2 years now, I've found unparalleled joy in using HimiMiya Acrylics – offering super vibrant hues, impeccable pigmentation and versatility. Their highly pigmented formula and creamy texture allow for seamless blending, bringing my creative visions to life on canvas. What sets them apart is not just their quality but also their affordability, catering to both seasoned professionals and budding artists.

With an extensive palette available both in tubes and bottles, HimiMiya acrylics from 'Thoovi Arts' have truly become my favorite, enhancing the depth and richness of my artistic expressions. These paints will be my heartfelt recommendation for fellow artists seeking quality and versatility all in one place

Viji Krish (@vijis_paint_palette)

Thoovi 50 Shades - Foldable Watercolour Pad

It’s a dream set. 50 brilliant, bright and beautiful shades all under one set. They are made from high quality pigments and binders. The paints are super vibrant and has excellent lightfastness, it won’t fade over time. The icing on the cake is the pastel shades. They’re just so pleasing to the eye. It’s a value for money product and travel friendly. It comes with an inbuilt palette so it’s really handy and can be used for outdoor paintings as well. 

Rating ( On a scale of 1 - 5 ) :

Quality - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Affordability - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Mylin Fernando (@calligraphyventures)

HIMI MIYA Gouache paints

The Himi Gouache Set is probably every Gouache artist's dream set and I am no exception, must admit.

My first purchase from Thoovi was the 56 colours Gouache set that looks absolutely yummy. The jelly texture of the paints is buttery smooth which makes the blending super easy. With the fantastic range of 56 colours, it's a delight to work with as it significantly reduces the time required to create new colours.

The only catch is that some extra effort is needed to bring these colours back to life when they start drying up in the cups. 

But with the colour blender I purchased from Thoovi, even that has become easy. 

The Gouache Moisturizer is a life saver too, as it keeps the paint moist and also prevents the growth of mildew.

It's by far my favourite set to paint with. 

I'd rate this set a 4.7 on 5.

Amurtaa Rajrrishhi (@amrutaarajrrishhi)

Thoovi Arts - India's Favourite Premium Art Supplies Store Online

Launched in 2021, Thoovi Arts is an Indian e-commerce art brand that offers a wide range of premium art products at affordable prices. 

Explore our online store for different paint products ranging from watercolours, gouache, acrylics to oil paints and pastels, brushes, papers, canvas, markers & art accessories.

From seasoned professional artists to hobbyists and those just starting their artistic journey, our products are crafted to inspire and support artists at every skill level.

Snippets of our journey so far:

In 2021, we embarked on our journey by introducing the internationally acclaimed brand HIMI-MIYA to India, marking our inaugural global brand launch. We are now the official distributor for HIMI-MIYA products in India.

By March 2022, we launched our own range of Premium watercolour products, ranging from tube sets to half pans, individual tubes in 48 shades and full pans.

Our web store also offers products from other popular global & Indian brands, including Arches, Princeton, Silver Brush, Karin , Saunders Waterford , Baohong, Strathmore, Canson, Camlin, Furry Tail Arts, Anupam, Daler Rowney, Fine Art .

Our Vision

Establish an inclusive ecosystem, encouraging artists to collaborate, learn, grow, and embrace their entrepreneurial potential!

Our commitment extends to both our valued customers and collaborative partnerships with a wide array of talented artists.

Join us on social media, and together, let's shape a vibrant art community!

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