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HIMI-MIYA Gouache - Shades of Beach Colours - Set of 4 Jelly Cups

HIMI-MIYA Gouache - Shades of Beach Colours - Set of 4 Jelly Cups

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  • Gouache paint is similar to watercolour, but it is opaque & a versatile medium. It is often described as an “opaque watercolour”. 

  • Gouache is made up of natural pigment, water and a binding agent (like gum arabic or dextrin). 

  • Gouache can also be used as ‘watercolours’ if diluted with water but will not look very vibrant.

  • Gouache when mixed with a little and the right amount of water gives a very vibrant, rich and opaque finish to the final painting.

  • Gouache is thick and dries quickly. However, even if the paint dries, it is easier to re-wet the paint, unlike acrylics, by just spraying or adding little drops of water.

  • When gouache dries it gives a matte finish. It is non-shiny and non-reflective. 

  • The main advantage of gouache is that it can be layered and reworked, unlike watercolours. 

  • If there is a small mistake in the painting, it will be very difficult to correct when using watercolours because of its transparent nature.

  • However, Gouache, when it dries, becomes opaque and hence it is easier to correct mistakes in gouache paintings as you can layer a darker colour over a lighter colour and vice-versa when using gouache.

  • The base layer needs to be dry before you apply the next layer of paint.

  • Gouache, being a versatile medium, works well on any watercolour paper with a fine texture, drawing papers (140 GSM & above), stretched canvas, MDF board, cardboard, wood & toned colour paper.



Set of 4 vibrant colours:


  • This set consists of 4 colours , 30 ml each.

  •  This set contains the shades which are apt for painting beaches. You can also paint seascape, landscape, night sky, galaxy sky, winter landscape, meadow and much more.


Colours available in this set: 


  • Spearmint,

  • Maldives,

  • Arts yellow,

  • Titanium white.


 Eco-friendly and non-toxic: 


  •    These gouaches are made of eco-friendly paint materials. They are easily washable and non-toxic for kids to adults.




  •    Each cup of paint has an awesome thick consistency which gives a brilliant texture in painting.



  •  Unique jelly cup design,sealed and contains 30 ml paint .


 High-quality pigment: 


  • The paints in each cup are very thick, highly pigmented, vibrant and creamy. It is made of high quality pigments. The colors don’t become muddy or dull. If the paint dries you can add the water and reactivate the gouache.


Storage & aftercare:


  •  The paints once opened will tend to get dried up over time. 

  • And depending on the humidity, molds can sometimes form on the paints.

  • Using distilled water instead of tap water and using gouache spray can help in preventing molds from forming to a larger extent.

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