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Beginner friendly Gouache Starter kits (Limited edition) - KIT 1

Beginner friendly Gouache Starter kits (Limited edition) - KIT 1

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Product details

Introducing Beginner-friendly Gouache Starter kits (Limited edition) - KIT 1. A starter kit that comes with everything needed to start painting and create your own masterpiece! Get this piece and it has all you need to paint a great picture. It is a great product to start your collection.


This Kit contains:

  • 1 Strathmore Mixed media pad (15x20 cm) -300 GSM
  • 2 HIMI Gouache Jelly cups- Set of 4 x 30 ml (** can be chosen for the 28 combinations) 
  • 3 pcs HIMI Brush set-Available in Blue/Pink/Yellow/Green

Please whatsapp us at +91 8925688838 for the HIMI Gouache jelly cup sets and the 3 pcs Brush set color you need.

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