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Anupam - Black Canvas Painting Board in different sizes

Anupam - Black Canvas Painting Board in different sizes

Size: 4 x 6

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Product details

Canvas black painting boxes come in different sizes to suit your needs. With a black canvas painting box, you can now paint anywhere. This painting box is designed for a perfect, professional-looking canvas painting. It is perfect for a DIY project and you can use it to paint your favorite painting on a piece of canvas.


Product Features:

  • Anupam- Black Canvas Painting Board Size.
  • Available in below sizes (in inches)
    • 4x6
    • 6x8
    • 8x10
    • 10x12
    • 12x16
  • Jet Black, Acrylic GESSO primed & Acid Free
  • Ideal for acrylics and gouache

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